Highlights of the Course Content

Note - The content of this program is delivered in a workshop format, with lots of student participation in small groups and individually. The content delivered starts with statistics and trends, and quickly moves into a diverse program of information and skills development to enable you to immediately begin doing more business with your existing clientele and making more money.

The program was re-written in late 2013, with new manual, new documents for use in your business, and much more in the way of tools available to ASA members.

  • Market demographics - specific to your province.
  • How to apply the demographic profiles.
  • Which communities will have the largest numbers of seniors.
  • How to capture your share of the coming explosion in the mature/seniors market.
  • How to capture your share of the move up, move down, and move out markets.
  • Transitional Services - more income for salespeople and brokerages.
  • The etiquette of working in this market segment.
  • Understanding complex Canadian tax laws and estates - in simple terms!
  • How to identify the 4 main personality groups inthe mature/seniors market.
  • How to effectively attract clients from each of the 4 main personality groups.
  • How to choose a ‘farm area’ for the mature/seniors market segment.
  • How to identify housing and lifestyle options for the mature/senior market segment.
  • Hundreds of resources for information specific to the Canadian mature/senior market.
  • How to protect the brokerage, salesperson, AND the client from unintended problems.
  • How to build relationships with the all-important family members.
  • The ins-and-outs of dealing with an estate.
  • Insurance issues most Realtors®, clients, and often their insurance agent, are not aware of.
  • How to be a professional with trustees tax professionals, executors.
  • Niche and vertical marketing - making the clients come to you.
  • Successfully using the internet to bring mature/senior clients to you.
  • How to position yourself for steady income.

Bonus #1 - A full, detailed listing presentation package in PowerPoint format, geared to the mature/senior market.

This package retails for $49.95 to those not
attending the course. 

Bonus #2 - ‘How to Promote & Make Money From Your Designation’. This presentation is unique across the real estate industry. Most people leave any course not knowing what to do next; this package takes students step-by-step through the process, from completing the course through illustrating the value of their new designation to the public, and on to increasing their income because they have the designation.. 

This package retails for $89.95 to those not attending the Accredited Senior Agent course.

Many of our students tell us that some of the best parts of the course are:

  • The language that they learn to explain concepts to prospective clients
  • The forms to use with clients
  • The promotional materials they receive
Perhaps the one thing that students tell us makes the most difference to their life is the realization they come to that their own personal estate is not in order and set up for the most beneficial transfer to their beneficiaries. To these members, that realization is priceless!
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