One of the most common questions we are asked is “why do I have to pay annual dues?’ There are many logical reasons. If you have any professional  designation or belong to an association, you will be required to pay annual dues in order to maintain your membership and your right to refer to yourself as a member. Here are some of the reasons for you to pay your dues and remain a member of The Society of Accredited Senior Agents (TSASA):

1. Operating Costs. The dues help pay for the operating costs of the Society. Any business has costs and needs to recover those costs to stay in business; the revenue from the education programs does not come close to paying those costs.

2. Brochures for You. The dues help to pay for ongoing creation of business development tools for you to use; tools which are designed for you to make more money and to better serve your clients. For example, there is a standing selection of 8 information brochures to use in your business available at all times. We regularly offer limited-time brochures as well. These are free to you but obviously there is a cost involved in the creation of these brochures to us. You know that if you were to spend your own time creating a brochure that one of them alone would cost you far more than your annual membership dues. You also receive a series of customizable presentations; the costs for these, as part of your program, far surpass the membership fees (many times over) plus, there  are many other business development tools and systems available to you.

3. Associate Members. As we add associate members and sponsors to TSASA, you will have the opportunity to receive discounts on products and services from those sponsors. We have relationships with Real Estate Word, Perkopolis, Excalibur Communications, which are already saving members thousands of dollars. We are in discussion with many other sponsors at the time of writing.

4. Why take the course again? Things change. You will never learn everything a course has to offer on the first attendance.The course content was completely updated and revised in 2014, so if you took it prior to March 2014, you will learn much new information now.

5. New videos and webinars. In the past we have had Bob Aaron, well respected lawyer speak to ASA on the pitfalls of using an SPIS, we flew in renowned speaker Julie Garton-Good, recognized as one of the top 25 most influential people in real estate in the United States (by NAR) to speak about fee-for-service. 

6. Press and Media. Barry Lebow has appeared on various television shows to discuss and promote the ASA program and raise the public awareness of it. As well, we have appeared in numerous print media. The time to promote costs money and to make the public more aware we need the income to do this for our members.

7. Profiles. You can now update your profile on our website. 

8. Lean and Mean and Our Dedication. We do not have fancy offices, large staffs, no one takes a salary. Your fees are needed solely to cover costs which relate to administration. When we go to meet, say, CARP officials, to negotiate we do so on our own time, even the parking is out of our pockets. We push, we are driven, we believe in this program and we know, as the baby boomers grow in numbers as they hit over 60 we are in the right place for the future of real estate. 

A wise person once said, “give them what they need even if they do not realize that they need it.”

The Accredited Senior Agent program will be needed to cover the future of real estate. We all know this, in the coming years real estate brokerage is going to morph, to change, to transcend to new levels. Fee-for-service, new concepts and pressure from interlopers such as discounters, computer driven firms - there is a new  era ahead and many Realtors will not make it. Those who specialize, those who capture their share of the expanding and affluent senior market - they will thrive. They are you - an ASA member.

What if I don’t pay the annual dues?

Another question we get asked and we must reply, then it ends your ASA designation and benefits. Without your dues we cannot continue to be advocates for you. We cannot push to get more media coverage, deliver more programs, new content, new ideas, share forums like Facebook where we give a lot of great information, create new listing and sales tools, etc.

Please note, if you choose not to pay the annual dues, you can no longer hold yourself out as a member of The Society of Accredited Senior Agents. As noted on the certificate you received, we will request that you return it to our offices and you must cease referring to yourself as an Accredited Senior Agent / ASA inclusive of removal from all literature and business cards. You will also no longer receive the ongoing business development tools, and will not have your contact information displayed on the Association’s public or members-only web sites.

We trust that this has answered your questions, however, please contact Chris Newell at the Society office should you require more information.

Chris Newell may be reached at

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