Here at The Society of Accredited Senior Agents, our mandate is to bring value to those professionals who work with seniors and their families. We do this by way of relationships, tools for your business, Strategic Partnerships, media exposure, and spreading the word to the public in many different ways.

The following is a summary of membership benefits and tools; it will be updated on a regular basis, as new tools and benefits become available.

The loyal ongoing commitment of members of The Society of Accredited Senior Agents has allowed us to accomplish many important goals over the past months, and keeps us positioned as the premiere choice for Canadian REALTORS® who work the senior market.

  • New Tools and Systems to help you grow your business, available to you at There are more than 50 tools available to you in the Members-Only Content area of this web site.
    • A 'Getting Started' Marketing Kit, including the 9-Step System for Getting Started as an ASA. This tool is also very helpful if you have had your ASA for a while and want to increase the amount of business you do with seniors.

    • A series of information reports to offer to clients. These reports, which cover a variety of topics, are available in PDF format, ready for you to customize to send out. A new report is uploaded once a month.

    • A 'Marketing to Your Database' Marketing Kit, including the letter you send to start the process, plus scripts for the conversations you need to have, and tips on how to keep phone calls on-point, thus allowing you to make more business calls in less time. This tool is also very helpful if you have had your ASA for a while and want to increase the amount of business you do with seniors.

    • A 'Postcard Marketing' Kit - in the past, you could only order the postcards from Colourtech; now, the postcards have been re-designed and you can download them as PDF's to take to your printer to over-print with your information.

    • A 'Building Your Network of Exceptional Specialists' Kit - a step-by-step proven system including suggested dialogues, a sample letter to use. This Kit also includes a system for successfully working Networking events and a Business-directed Personal Brochure

    • ASA PowerPoint presentations - 3 presentations on a new custom-designed template. When you download this kit, you will also receive the Master versions of the templates, so you can create your own presentations in a similar style.

    • A series of guidebooks for you to give to prospective clients. These are being released one-per-month, the first one being a 27-page book titled 'The True Costs of Aging In Your Home'.
  • We have entered into a Strategic Partnership with HomEquity Bank, the providers of CHIP Reverse Mortgages and the new 'Income Advantage' program, which is an update to the Reverse Mortgages program. We have launched some cross-promotions and are working on ways we can help each other grow our market niches. Find out more at

  • We have also entered into a Strategic Partnership with Solterra, the provincial champions of Co-Housing which is discussed in the ASA program. We will be launching a training program in how you can help seniors, homeowners, developers, investors, service groups, local government, and more, in developing co-housing projects in your community. For more details on Solterra and their Co-Housing program, please visit

  • The selection of free reports for your use has been increased, and they have all been professionally typeset in a new layout with colour scheme matching the logo. Members using these reports are already reporting an increased interest in them from both consumers and their professional affiliations. 

  • Perkopolis Benefits Program - get discounts on a range of services.

  • A public web site at We are very excited about the business growth opportunities this web site brings to you, the members. There is a lot of new content, drip campaigns to follow up with visitors, video, a major resource section, and a lot more. THIS SITE IS ALSO FEATURING A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, which will be available as part of the ASA web sites that are now available for you to rent.

  • The establishment of The Master-ASA program. A higher level than the ASA, the Master-ASA is being greeted with enthusiasm by existing ASA members, the public, and professional organizations with whom The Society of Accredited Senior Agents is seeking business relationships, for the purpose of bringing more value to you, the members. If you would like more information on how to become a Master-ASA, please email us.

  • The option to send your monthly membership payments via e-Transfer through your online banking. You can also set these payments up to recur automatically in your online banking.

  • We have joined numerous organizations and associations as The ASA, including
    • NASMM - National Association of Senior Move Managers
    • OCSCO - Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens Organizations
    • POC - Professional Organizers of Canada
    • ORCA - Ontario Retirement Communities Association
    • ESN - Essential Seniors Network
    • ACE - Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

    The benefit to you of our having joined these groups are several-fold:

    • They are the leading groups around all-things senior-related in Ontario
    • Between them, they represent more than 1,000,000 seniors in Ontario, who are now aware of the ASA and what we bring to them
    • Each of these groups pursued us to join them; they love what we are about
    • We now go out and present at meetings and seminars for their members, promoting the ASA members as the logical choice when it comes to a late-in-life move.
We are proud of what we've been able to do and we could not have done it without our members!

Do you have any success stories or testimonials you'd like to share with us? We'll put them on the public web site and get you more exposure! In the most recent survey we did, 65% of respondents reported an increase in their business from following what they learned in the ASA course and the follow-on Kick-It-Up program!

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