Wherever You Are In Your Business,

Kick It Up!

Join us today for the exclusive 6 week 'Kick It Up' 
coaching and training program

What You Get . . .

  • 6 interactive coaching/training sessions
  • Weekly assignments to lead you to your goals
  • Weekly accountability to keep you on track in growing your business
  • Name-Branding of ASA materials (if you are an ASA member)
  • Support from our 'Experts In The Field'
  • Access to call recordings for 4 months after program
  • Maximum of 10 people per group
Some of the things we'll cover are:

  • Starting-point Review
  • A review of all materials on ASA
    web site
  • How to set up your own focus groups
  • 'Analyze your database' tool
  • Customize all materials
  • Practicing scripts and dialogues
  • Positioning yourself to be the Go-To Expert
  • Work on the ASA Referral System
  • Create your UVP
  • Building relationships with Retirement Residences
  • Discover your hidden value
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your value
  • Building your Network of Exceptional specialists
  • Introduction to Advanced Scripts for handling concerns of the various parties

Calls are at 9:00 a.m. EST

To make sure you get the most value possible, Calls #3 AND #6 will be Q & A - You submit your questions during the week before the call, and we discuss them on the call!!

Your Investment: $479

As taught in the ASA classes, and as we know from our own personal experience, there are a few key focuses you must have to build a successful seniors business. When these focuses are given their due, you will build a strong, endurable, lasting business, complete with near-immediate results.

These 3 key focuses are:

 - Your current client base and personal sphere
 - Your Network of Exceptional Specialists & Professional Sphere
 - Your relationships with Retirement Residences

As you work through this 6-week program, you will gain deeper understanding of how to present your value to these 3 key focuses, and will have the tools and the confidence to start growing the business you want to have. Once you have these focuses established, your business becomes self-building, allowing you the time for the consistent actions you need to take it over the top.


1 - Where is the program offered? This is a live-online program that will be conducted in a Webex classroom.

2 - How long is each call? Each call is one hour long

3 - Is it 6 weeks in a row? Yes, unless noted otherwise.

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