Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce their acquisition of the ASA and Master-ASA programs. Pivotal Aging Innovations INC. delivers comprehensive training, education and management systems for for those working with older adults and healthcare workers in eldercare. Specifically, Pivotal delivers the systems to meet MOHLTC mandated policy and procedures to the LTC and Retirement home sectors. Pivotal’s management systems provide these organizations with measurable results while meeting the Ministry’s yearly compliance requirements.

In addition, Pivotal holds the exclusive licensing and distribution (Ontario) of The Ashby Memory Method™ as developed by the Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute. 

The Ashby Memory Method™ (AMM) is a comprehensive, evidence-based, 10 week program of interactive cognitive exercises and activities designed to work with patients suffering from cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and brain injuries.  The AMM program is based on identifying the interests, strengths and life story of the individual offering them improved quality of life.

Since it’s inception in 2007, the ASA has strived to be the premiere provider of education and opportunities for REALTORS┬« working with seniors and their families.  The acquisition of the ASA by Pivotal signifies a giant leap forwards in not only the visibility of the ASA as an organization, but also in the opportunities the ASA can bring to it’s membership.

For more information about Pivotal, please visit their web site at http://PivotalAgingInnovations.com


ASA is the acronym for "Accredited Senior Agent." It is a prestigious designation that may only be used by those Canadian REALTORS┬« who have completed the training, which covers topics such as Canadian tax laws, estates and estate planning, wills, trusts, government grants and other options on ways you can release the equity in property for future living expenses. 

An ASA is not out to get your listing, they are trained consultants enabled to work with your other advisors to help you with safety and confidence in the downsizing process of buying and selling homes. 

If you are a senior looking for information please click here to go to  TheSeniorAgent.com for more consumer information.

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